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•You can lose weight without stress the wellness way.

People ask me to recommend what they should do to lose weight. This is not too difficult. The greatest challenge though is losing the weight and maintaining it.

A weight loss programme that is multi dimensional is best, where you lose weight and gain your health. That is the beauty of the Wellness Weight Ioss Programme.

Causes of weight gain include Menopause, Stress, family history, What you drink, What you eat and how active you are etc.

•If you take more calories than your body uses up, you gain weight.
•If the amount of calories you eat is the same with what you lose, your weight remains the same.
•If you take in less calories and your body uses more, you lose weight, (your body will start using excess calories stored up as fat}.

One diet plan does not fit all. To lose weight and remain there, you must first answer the question, “Why do I want to lose weight”. Your diet must be customised to you, taking into consideration your family history, eating history, medical history, likes and dislikes etc.

To Lose weight and maintain it:
•Your diet must be balanced.
It should be easy for you to adapt into your lifestyle or else you gain back the weight.
Gradual but sustainable weight loose is key.
You need a change of lifestyle. i.e. change the food you eat, what you drink, when, what, how you eat.
•Consider the physical activity you do.
Eat at least “many” times a day – what you eat matters a lot.
Grill instead of fry.
•Do not skip meals. If you do your body intelligently will, hoard whatever you give it and you will not lose weight.
•No to salty food.
•No to bad oil.
•Yes to oily fish.
•¾ of what is on your plate should be fruits and vegetables.
•Eat slowly, chew your food longer.
•Stop eating once satisfied.

Do not enter middle age fat as it gets more difficult to lose weight as we age.
At Wellness Spot, we customise your meal plan to suit you. We take your holistic wellbeing into making that meal plan so that you enjoy your weight loss programme which nourishes you throughout the journey.


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