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Do you eat food to live or do you live to eat?
Do you eat to boost your immunity or to undermine it?
Is your intake of raw living food far more than that of cooked?
Here are six special tips to keep you abreast on eating healthy.

Decide today that any food you eat should build your immunity & equip your body to fight diseases.

Always take hot water/tea after eating oily food.

Go for healthy fat such as extra virgin olive oil, avacado, tiger nut milk, walnut, coconut oil etc.

Eat fruits on empty stomach & beware of very sweet fruits.

Eat lots of leafy veggies as they are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, fiber etc.

Juice your green veggies. They are natural drips that get into your cellular levels immediately so your body does not need to work to process them.


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  • lucia opaluwa - March 15, 2017 reply

    trying to shed fat in my fifties, as I exercise, what do I take mostly

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