Just the Right Food

“Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine thy Food” – Hippocrates

To create a one stop relaxation spot that places customer well-being above all else.

To provide the most relaxing setting for family, friends and business rendezvous in all major cities in Nigeria.


The Wellness Spot is a one-stop relaxation spot ideal for family, friends and business rendezvous committed to providing pure nature meals prepared with your well being in mind. In our well established tradition, we continue to provide on demand, meals of near zero cholesterol, immune Boosters, System cleansers, dishes for diabetes, meals plans for weight loss and B.P. We also have a wide choice of salads, fresh natural juices, healthy pizzas, wraps as well as sharwama, snacks and choice wines for your occasional indulgence.

Nigeria Made Organic food

Wholesome Organic food prepared with your well-being in mind


Guest Reviews

  • "I think eating at wellness spot has been one of the greatest pleasures in life. Yes, it’s usually not just particularly the healthy food but the ambiance and lessons in eating right. I think the experience is well worth it, especially if you balance those meals with generally healthy eats and lots of healthy tips they provide throughout the week."

    Ifeayolu Nnaedozie
  • My girlfriend told me about this place the other day so I decided to check it out with some coworkers during lunch. We had the best experience of eating healthy food. The spaghetti bolognaise tastes so good and we have been coming every other day.

    Godwin Davidson
  • I ordered egusi soup, Eba with organic fish. The food arrived on time and was hot. The entire dishes was executed excellently. Their food is different and delicious. I love it!

    Stella Okafor